Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Wagons, Wagon Covers, and Our Past

Texas history and keeping that history alive is one of the most interesting things for us Texans.
We embrace our past and learn from our heritage. The covered wagon played a major role in history.

Texas was built by settlers coming here in the eighteenth century by the wagons. Wagons also play a huge part in our ranching and farming because of cattle drives. Let's face it, the covered wagon has a lot to do with Texas history. 

Here at Seguin Canvas & Awning, LLC. we are glad to be able to help restore and preserve our pioneer history by sewing canvas tops.  Wagons are part of how we got to Texas.

We have put together a list of reasons why we should celebrate pioneer heritage.

1. Pioneers were our first settlers to travel to the frontier. The primary means of transportation to their new frontier was the covered wagon. The canvas was one of the most important aspects about the wagon.

2. The trip across the frontier was long and dangerous. The new settlers were moving into new territory that was unknown to them. The wagon cover provided shade and protection.

3. Wagons contained their most valuable possessions and the covering protected those belongings. The cover also offered protection for the settlers against weather conditions.

4.Once the settlers reached their destination, they used the canvas as their first homes either on the wagon or by making a lean-to tent.

5. The covered wagon is an icon of the American West and past.Not only that covered wagons were used as Chuck wagons by the cowboys here in Texas. This is how food was transported and cooked while the cowboys drove their herds of cattle across Texas.

Seguin Canvas & Awning, llc designs and custom sews covers for wagons of all kinds. If you have a special cover requirement, let us know!

Interested in learning more about wagon making?  Texas Wagon Works really shows us how pioneer history is unique and interesting.  This is a modern day wagon builder!

Today wagon covers have many more options:

1. Full Cover Canopy
2. Screen Door Canopy
3. Separation Canopy
4. Windows, roll curtains, and roll screens
5. Logo and Graphics

Be sure to visit our website for some great products at Seguin Canvas & Awning, LLC Wagon Covers.

Wagon trail ride images courtesy of Texas Wagon Works.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hunting Is All About Camo

Camo Is Great

Hunting season is now upon us Texan's once again. With that, it time to think about all the things that a hunter might need.

While Texas is well known for hunting, it is also well known for the changes in temperature.

The perfect hunter desires for a colder season, yet it may not always happen that way thanks to mother nature.

Seguin Canvas & Awning, llc. can cover you for all the types of weather in Texas.

Things A Hunter Needs:

1. Know Your Bag Limits

2. Know what type of license or special education you might need (born after 1971)

3. Have enough to drink and eat

4. Have a first aid kit

5. Survival items such as blankets, flashlights, matches, knife, toilet paper, and other necessities

6. Cover, Shade, Protection from the Elements

Covers, Shade, Protection from the Elements, Upholstery


Protection provided by covering is a popular thing for hunters.

Covering can be tents, curtains, deer awnings, covers that fit over structures, etc..

Covers can be for suspended blinds and for ground blinds. Roll up covers can also add a nice touch to camouflage.


Shade protection and shade covering are similar.

Shade protection is a great way to protect you from the elements whether they are hot or cold.
You never know what temperature it will be here in Texas, so be prepared.

Awnings, deer blind covers on vehicles, deer blinds on the ground, and suspended deer blinds all need shade and cover. If you have an idea in mind, let us know- we do custom projects.


What would the perfect hunter be without the perfect hunting vessel?

Let's face it, if you are not sporting camo, you are just not in the mood yet! Seguin Canvas & Awning, llc. is your upholstery expert with over 30 years in business.

You can contact us through our website at Seguin Canvas & Awning, LLC., contact our office at 830-379-6795, or email us at seguincanvasllc@seguincanvas.com. Happy Hunting!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

What to do if Your Awning is Damaged

The Guide to Keeping You Safe

Awnings these days are designed to withstand many elements; however even the strongest construction and fabrics can be affected by extreme conditions. Safety should always come first.

This goes for small damages even to fabrics. Sometimes, by being proactive simple repairs can be done that will save the remaining awning.

After any major storm that consist of heavy rain, hail, and wind you should inspect your awning to see if it has weakened or received damage. If you see any damage or have a worry that damage exists, you should call Seguin Canvas & Awning to come and inspect your awning.

Examples of Simple Repairs
  • Small Tears
  • Stitching that has Torn due to Extreme Wind
  • Binding that is loose due to Damage
  • Sealant against the wall has come Loose
  • Awning doesn't seem as secure to Dwelling

If you are not experienced in repairing or taking down an awning, be sure to call before attempting to take down an awning. Sometimes awnings can appear to be light or easy to take down, but they can be challenging. In addition, this could cause additionally damage and may void any warranties that you might have. Call us if you have any issues. We are here to help!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Seguin Canvas Logo Design

Logo Design Makes an Impact

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any new or small business. Your brand tells your potential and current customers what kinds of products and/or services that you offer. In addition, your logo on your building announces to your customers you are ready for business.

Getting a great logo is the start to setting up and announcing your business. Place your logo and brand everywhere to attract the most attention. Your brand and logo should never take a back seat to your start up because this is how you attract those clients.

There are four ways we can appendage a logo, sign, or graphics to your product. Your type of product determines what method is available to you.

Seguin Canvas and Awning, LLC. offers the following: heat sealing for vinyls, painting, sewing, and adhesive stick lettering.

For more information on logo, signage, and branding, view our page at : Seguin Canvas Logo, Signage, and Branding

Black Forest Comics

Seguin Canvas & Awning, llc would like to give a big thank you to Black Forest Comics in Seguin Texas for letting us do this special project for you. You have an amazing and fun store! Anyone who is interested can contact them at Black Forest Comics Texas