Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Wagons, Wagon Covers, and Our Past

Texas history and keeping that history alive is one of the most interesting things for us Texans.
We embrace our past and learn from our heritage. The covered wagon played a major role in history.

Texas was built by settlers coming here in the eighteenth century by the wagons. Wagons also play a huge part in our ranching and farming because of cattle drives. Let's face it, the covered wagon has a lot to do with Texas history. 

Here at Seguin Canvas & Awning, LLC. we are glad to be able to help restore and preserve our pioneer history by sewing canvas tops.  Wagons are part of how we got to Texas.

We have put together a list of reasons why we should celebrate pioneer heritage.

1. Pioneers were our first settlers to travel to the frontier. The primary means of transportation to their new frontier was the covered wagon. The canvas was one of the most important aspects about the wagon.

2. The trip across the frontier was long and dangerous. The new settlers were moving into new territory that was unknown to them. The wagon cover provided shade and protection.

3. Wagons contained their most valuable possessions and the covering protected those belongings. The cover also offered protection for the settlers against weather conditions.

4.Once the settlers reached their destination, they used the canvas as their first homes either on the wagon or by making a lean-to tent.

5. The covered wagon is an icon of the American West and past.Not only that covered wagons were used as Chuck wagons by the cowboys here in Texas. This is how food was transported and cooked while the cowboys drove their herds of cattle across Texas.

Seguin Canvas & Awning, llc designs and custom sews covers for wagons of all kinds. If you have a special cover requirement, let us know!

Interested in learning more about wagon making?  Texas Wagon Works really shows us how pioneer history is unique and interesting.  This is a modern day wagon builder!

Today wagon covers have many more options:

1. Full Cover Canopy
2. Screen Door Canopy
3. Separation Canopy
4. Windows, roll curtains, and roll screens
5. Logo and Graphics

Be sure to visit our website for some great products at Seguin Canvas & Awning, LLC Wagon Covers.

Wagon trail ride images courtesy of Texas Wagon Works.

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